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Full-Service Grooming
Bath, Brush. Nails, and Ears
Touch Ups

What's New! November 2020

We are now doing limited contact customer interaction. Please enter at the front door and stop at our “pup gate.” From there we will have you take their collars and leash off so we can put ours on. We will still get to go over everything you want done to your pup.  

We are now requiring a $25.00 credit card deposit to set appointments. The deposit will go toward your groom, it is not an extra fee on top of your groom. However, we will require a 24-hour notice to reschedule or to cancel your appointment in order to receive you deposit refund.

De-matting is now $30.00 an hour

Small dog full service grooming now starts at $45.00. This is for pets that are groomed regularly I.E. every 4-6 weeks. Prices do go up the longer the pet hasn't been groomed as it takes more time to groom dogs that haven't been groomed regularly.

Thank you for your support and understanding!
White Lake Groom Room

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About us

The White Lake Groom Room was founded in 2006 by the owner Micki. She has been grooming since 1997, providing her with over 20 years of professional experience. Micki was trained under Rebecca Winkler, who is an ex-American Kennel Club president, and was privileged enough to work under her for 3 years before venturing out on her own path which led to the foundations of the business today!

Micki's personal motto is "Effort starts from the ground up" and it shows through her business practices and pet care. She and her staff work hard to keep an immaculately clean and safe haven for your pets to relax in while they are being treated with the best products around. Guaranteeing a happy, clean, and freshly pampered pet.

Micki Huntington

Our Services

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Full-service groom

Pads get cleaned, nails get trimmed, sanitary is cleaned as well as the back end. We also pluck and clean the ears and trim between the eyes. All pets get two haircuts, of your choice, and two baths. This service normally takes around 2 and a half hours.

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Hypo-allergenic baths, lavender treatments, deep conditioning treatments, oatmeal shampoos, exfoliating and medicated baths, paw treatments, ear treatments, walk-in nail trimming and grinding services, and anal glands internal and external.

We also provide straight through appointments so your pet doesn't have to spend time in a kennel!

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Bath, Brush, Nails, and Ears

This service caters to our wash-and-wear clients. Your pet will have their pads cleaned, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, two de-shedding baths, and conditioner to help your pets coat shine! Time varies on the breed of your pet.

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Similar to our Full-Service Groom, pads and ears will be cleaned, nails get trimmed, sanitary will be cleaned, and two good baths as well as trimming around the face and feet. There is no haircut in this service. This service takes around 2 hours with pets cooperation.

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Bath and blow-dry only. We do de-matting for extra cost. Time of service depends on breed of pet.

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Finishing Touches

This service is to complete your pets look! Every service includes a bow for the girls and bandannas for the boys. Extra finishing touches include nail polish, temporary doggy tattoos, hair dyes (advance notice needed), and pet-friendly glitter spray.

Take a look at some of our special offers!
The Difference in prices are based on different products that are used. Silver offers de-matting for an extra cost. Diamond comes with nail buffing included in price.

Diamond Offer

  • Full-Service Groom
  • Touch Ups
  • Blowouts
  • *Based on dogs under 20 pounds, includes nail buffing

Silver Offer

  • Full-Service Groom
  • Touch Ups
  • Blowouts
  • *Based on dogs under 20 pounds, De-matting extra

Your pet is unique

Our main goal is to provide the best service we possibly can by creating a great customer experience for you and making your furry friend as comfortable and happy as can be!

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When booking below be sure to include information about your pet and what you would like done so we can help you best

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    9135 Highland Rd #4, White Lake, MI 48386
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Absolutely amazing!!! My dog came in looking like a hairy beast and when I picked her up she looked phenomenal. She smelled wonderful and looked like a whole new dog. They cleaned her up really nice without shaving her completely bald. I will definitely be coming back to The Groom Room from now on. Thank you so much ladies!

Corrie Prater

Micki is AMAZING!!!! She only uses products she believes work wonders and they do! Used special ear cleanser on my dog with ear infection problems and calmed and soothed my dog babies infection overnight! Will definitely be returning next month!

Sarah Chadwick

Absolutely an amazing groomer. The shop is clean and inviting I feel safe leaving my fur baby with Micki. She does a great job very patient, very kind and does a professional job and willing to work with you and your fur baby so both have a great experience. Micki has been grooming for my family and I now for over 8yrs and I have never had an issue or walked out unsatisfied.

Michelle Smith

Real reviews from happy customers!

White Lake, MI

Our only, specialized location. Located off of M-59 near Fisk Farm

  • 9135 Highland Rd #4, White Lake, MI 48386
  • Whitelakegroomroom@gmail.com